GUO YU - 國語
Discourses of the States

The Guoyu is a collection of writings between rulers and ministers from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-5th century BCE). It is comprised of 21 scrolls which are arranged by the eight states whose courts held the discussions. The Chunqiu and Zuozhuan commentary where written about the same time period.

The scrolls are arranged as follows: Zhou 周, Lu 魯 , Qi 齊, Jin 晉, Zheng 鄭, Chu 楚, Wu 吳, Yue 越.

Suggested Translation

Graham, A.C. Yin-Yang and the Nature of Correlative Thinking. Singapore: The Institute of East Asian Philosophies, Princeton: Princeton University Press,1986. Originally Published in 1952.

This is a book on the philosophy of China that includes some translation of the above text. Volume I covers the period of the philosophers, from the beginning of Chinese history to around 100 B.C.. Volume II discusses the period of classical learning, from the second century B.C. to the twentieth century.

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