XI CI - 繫辭

The Xi Ci is the second section of the commentary to the Yi Jing, The Book of Changes, which is composed of two parts: the text itself and the commentary. The Xici commentary gives an overview of the position and the meaning of the Yijing in the world order and human life.

The Xici or Xicizhuan 繫辭傳 (About the Relationship of the Hexagrams) il also called Dazhuan 大傳 - The Great Commentary.


Legge, James, trans. I Ching: The Book of Changes, Sacred Books of the East, vol.16, 1899. Republished by Gramercy in1996.

Sung, Z.D, trans. Xi Ci, Ch’eng Wen Publishing Company

(There are many other translations)

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For the Original Chinese text

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Simplified Chinese version available with James Legge translation at China Text Project under Pre-Qin and Han - Ancient Classics - Book of Changes

For the Suggested Translation

Legge's translation is available at Internet Sacred Text Archive (including original illustrations :
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For a unique modern Chinese perspective on the history of the commentaries see Guying Chen’s, The Yi Commentaries and Thought of the Schools of Daoism; the full text is online at : slideshare.net ›